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Who Can Be Helped By EMDR?

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EMDR can help people who have experienced or witnessed violence, disasters, crimes, sexual assault and other traumas, victims of crime and professionals such as those serving in the military, police, emergency workers and firefighters; accident victims and anyone who has experienced a serious loss (such as the death of a close friend of family member, divorce, etc.). EMDR is also very effective treatment for people suffering from phobias--extreme fear of flying, water, spiders, etc. Because EMDR has the power to relieve any type of emotional block or fear, it can also be used to enhance the performance of athletes, actors, musicians, students, public speakers and executives.


There are a number factors to consider when evaluating the appropriateness of EMDR therapy for a client's particular situation and history. During your initial consultation with a trained EMDR therapist, all the relevant factors will be discussed in full to help you both come to a decision to move forward with EMDR.

In general though, you are an excellent candidate for the EMDR technique if you have:

...depression or disturbing thoughts
...a history of abuse, or sexual abuse
...been the victim of a crime or serious accident
...witnessed a crime or serious accident
...severe anxiety
...frequent feelings of guilt or shame
...poor concentration or memory
...explosive or irrational anger
...trouble sleeping
...been through a natural disaster
...obsessive or compulsive behavior
...chronic feelings of detachment
...extreme, unexplainable fears
...ever experienced a traumatic event
...difficulty trusting people
...fear of being alone
...lack of motivation
...serious relationship problems

About Carol Boulware, Ph.D....

Carol Boulware, Ph.D., is a therapist based in Los Angeles and Redondo Beach, California, who engages a range of treatment modalities, including EMDR, to help her clients with such issues as anxiety disorders, depression, posttraumatic stress disorder, victims of childhood sexual abuse, and marriage/couples issues.

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