Depression in adolescents, difficulties in diagnosing teen depression, treatment options, and hope for parents of depressed teenagers
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Articles About Teen Depression

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Teen Issues Articles

  • What Does a Therapist Do and How Do They Help

    Therapists can be helpful in getting you over many of the bumps in the road of life. The goal of any therapist is to help you solve your own problems and give you the skills you need to combat those problems on your own in the future. more...

  • Choosing a Therapist

    Because a therapist's job is to help you deal with very personal matters - matters you might never discuss with anyone else - it's important that you pick a therapist that is the right match for you. more...

  • American Youth Desperate for Some Zzzzs

    Young people today report feeling more stressed than ever, and as a result, are turning more frequently to sleeping aids and prescription medications for relief. Teens who are stressed from school and can't sleep are turning toward sleeping pills for a quick fix. more...

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