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Acne Treatments Linked to Increased Likelihood of Teen Depression, Suicide Attempts

By Staff Writer

Young people who have bad acne may be at increased risk for depression. A new study has found that the presence of severe acne may also predict suicide attempts.

A team of Swedish researchers found that the rate of attempted suicides among 6,000 patients who had been treated for severe cases of acnewas much higher than in the general population.

Members of the reasearch team noted that some common treatments for acne have been associated in previous investigations with symptoms of depression and suicidal behaviors.

However, the investigation team said that they feel other factors may be at play. They speculated that many people may become depressed after starting acne treatment because improvements in skin condition don't necessarily translate to improvements in social life. When their relationships fail to grow, it could be emotionally devastating.

Rehab facilities may help individuals who are being treated for acne and have become depressed. These programs may be able to address the underlying insecurities that caused the negative feelings.

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