Depression in adolescents, difficulties in diagnosing teen depression, treatment options, and hope for parents of depressed teenagers
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What is Wrong with You?

Does this question sound familiar? Do you find yourself frustrated by a teen who seems to have no energy or motivation, who sulks around the house or makes angry scenes when you try to get him or her to "just DO something?" If your teenager has shown a persistent pattern of irritable, depressed, or hopeless behavior for more than two weeks, it may be due to clinical depression.

Unfortunately, many times when parents see resistant, belligerent, or hostile behavior from a teenaged child, they automatically assume this is normal rebellion. Sometimes there is a deeper problem that can be treated and dealt with by mental health professionals. Depression in adolescents can express itself as irritability, hostility, and anger, which can often lead to missed diagnosis. Teen suicide has become a national problem, and it is no exaggeration to say it is an epidemic. The saddest part is that in most cases of teen suicides, parents, teachers, and friends did not realize the child had a serious clinical depression that required therapeutic and medical intervention. We hope that About Adolescent Depression helps educate parents about teen depression, the risk of suicide, and the treatment options

So Your Teen Has Been Diagnosed with a Mood Disorder, Now What?

By Judy Shepps Battle

Every parent dreams of having a "perfect" child. One who is smart, attractive, talented, obedient, polite, and healthy in mind and body. Many spend money on preschool and private education to create academic advantage and increase the odds of acceptance into a prestigious college.

It comes as a shock when our youngster has difficulty navigating this traditional path.


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